New Generation Spray Foam Insulation

When used properly, spray foam insulation can save energy and money. It effectively insulates gaps, holes and cracks – especially those hard-to-reach spaces that other products just can’t accommodate. It’s also effective in preventing moisture and air movement, which helps to keep the foundation of a home or building stable.

The foam is sprayed in an aerosol can and then expands to fill the space, sealing gaps and insulating the area. It can be used in the walls, attic and basement of a building. It is often a good choice for new construction and retrofitting existing buildings. It provides thermal, sound and airtight insulation.

Comparing Spray Foam Insulation to Traditional Methods | New Generation Spray Foam

Insulation Contractor is typically less expensive than closed-cell insulation, but both options have their merits. It is best to consult a professional installer when using any type of spray insulation in your home or building.

As homeowners become more aware of the environment, there’s been a shift in demand for products that align with their values. This trend has been reflected in the foam industry, where many companies are making more eco-friendly improvements to their products. This includes changing the blowing agents (the gasses that help the foam expand) to more environmentally friendly alternatives.

The newer, more eco-friendly versions of spray foam are a result of manufacturers’ ongoing research and development efforts to produce more efficient products. They are designed to be more versatile and cost-effective than traditional insulation. They can reduce the overall carbon footprint of a building, while providing a comfortable, healthy living environment for occupants.

New Generation Spray Foam
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Georgia Spray Foam Insulation

Meritage Homes uses open-cell spray foam which bonds to the home’s frame, but it stays somewhat flexible. This helps the Georgia Insulation withstand shifts over time and also allows it to resist moisture, which can cause mold, mildew, and other serious health issues. The open-cell foam is also a green product because it does not contain any toxic materials.

Environmental Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

During the winter, spray foam insulation keeps the cold outside and the warm inside, which will help your heating system work less hard to achieve and maintain an optimal temperature throughout your home. This will save on your energy bills, as well as extend the life of your HVAC equipment.

The air seal that spray foam creates also stops a significant amount of energy loss, which will lower your monthly utility bills and protect the environment. It’s estimated that up to 40% of a building’s energy is lost through leaks and cracks, which can be a preventable problem.

Proper insulation is especially important when it comes to new construction projects. The energy code requirements vary by region, and it’s critical to choose the right product for your specific location. If you’re in Georgia, check the tables in IECC 2015 or look at amendments for your specific zone to see the minimum R-value requirements. You can also contact your local Rmax insulation team for help choosing the best products for your new build.
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