YT Lab Dashboard for YouTube Content Creators

Manage Your YT Lab Account is an analytics tool for YouTube content creators that allows them to view, analyze, and compare performance on a video-by-video basis. The customizable YouTube analytics tool can help YouTube content creators identify key trends and make adjustments to their YouTube ROMI that will lead to more channel growth.

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The YT Lab dashboard is available to all YouTube creators who meet certain eligibility requirements, such as having a minimum number of subscriber and viewer views. YT Lab also offers access to a variety of advanced YouTube analytics tools, including the ability to create custom data visualizations.

YouTube’s default reports can often be overwhelming and intimidating for most users. They tend to omit a lot of critical information, which is great for maintaining an easy-to-read interface but can be frustrating for anyone looking to dive deeper into their analytics.

Using the “Views” display option can be a great way to get a broad overview of how your videos are performing, but there’s so much more to explore when you dive into advanced mode and use the filtering and reporting capabilities of YouTube Analytics. For example, the “Subscriptions” display option enables you to see what kinds of content are driving subscriptions (both gained and lost) for your videos within a specific date range. You can also dig deeper into this data by analyzing metrics like End Screen Elements Shown and Card Shown to understand what specific elements in your videos are encouraging subscribers to continue watching.

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